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June 8, 2021

The Northern NJ Sanctuary Coalition Calls on Elected Officials for Action to Release, not Transfer

The Northern New Jersey Sanctuary Coalition (NNJSC) called today for the Biden Administration to adopt a policy of #ReleasesNotTransfers for immigrants in ICE detention and for NJ elected officials at all levels to use their power to assure the release of detainees.

NNJSC Chair Sally Cummings said, “It is time for President Biden to act definitively. Senators Menendez and Booker must follow up on their statements calling for an end to ICE detention in New Jersey.  It is long past time for Sheriff Anthony Cureton and the Bergen County Board of Commissioners to end the ICE contract, while assuring that detainees be released, not transferred elsewhere.”

The renewed call came in the wake of the arrest of 14 demonstrators from immigrant rights organizations for allegedly blocking an ICE van leaving the Bergen County Jail.

The NNJSC sharply criticized what appears to be excessive force by officers and excessive charges against the demonstrators.

NNJSC Co-chair Jon Moscow said, “The solution to these confrontations is not high-powered use of police power against demonstrators. It is for the government at all levels to do the right thing and release detained immigrants to the community.”


Our former client, who gained complete independence from our help roughly a year ago, has recently received his green card!  He has also learned that his wife and 3 children, back home in Uganda, have been approved for visa’s to come to the U.S.


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