January, 2016

During the 2015 year, the Bergen County Sanctuary Committee changed its name to the Northern NewJersey Sanctuary Coalition. We remain a 501c(3) charitable organization for which all donations are tax free. Our mission remains the same.

Our Clients:   This past October, a family in Caldwell, NJ, generously opened their home to our newest client, AH, a young man from Yemen who was working there as a marine engineer but who fled his country because of threats to him and his family for political statements. He has found a job working in a bakery while looking for ways to take the necessary courses to get his Black Seal Boiler’s license, which would enable him to do work which uses the skills he brought to this country. He speaks excellent English, and members of Congregation Agudath Israel in Caldwell have provided him with dental care and a medical check-up. Our other client, YD, a 35 year old Eritrean man, was accepted into our program in December 2014.  He had been forced to live outside his own country since the Ethiopian civil war, and spent several years living and working in multiple African countries, South America, and ultimately found himself in detention facilities in the US, first in the South, then in NJ, before coming to our attention.  He is still awaiting his asylum hearing but is able to live with a family in the Englewood area, and is studying at Bergen Community College for his GED.